Hi folks! <Pixel Perfect> is a seasoned multi platform guild established since January 2007 with a long gaming history and established raiding core. We are always looking for fresh faces to join our team of mature players focused on having fun and conduct efficient end game content in a drama free guild where we enjoy activities free from attitudes, elitism, and egos. Our motto is:


"Players aren't good because of the guild, the guild is good because of the players."


We are a casual/semi-hardcode raid team with a two day commitment schedule primarily focused on heroic modes to take advantage of flexible raiding and get the entire raid roster engaged each week.


Over the years we have logged countless hundreds of raid nights as a guild together, and continue to have fun doing so due to the structure and mindset shared by our active guild roster. We will always welcome players who wish to join our cause, casual social members and dedicated raiders alike.


Raid Times:
Monday 8-11EST
Tuesday 8-11 EST


If interested, please fill out a quick application on our website: http://pixelperfect.guildlaunch.com

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a request @ Kamikaze#1578

Thanks you for your interest in <Pixel Perfect>!